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So I'm 18 now :) It's fun. Got some amazing stuff for which I am very…

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So I'm 18 now :)
It's fun. Got some amazing stuff for which I am very grateful for.
And last official day of school was like a week and a half ago. I only go back now for exams. Which is sad.
So all my art exams are over, I'm just desperately waiting for my french and english to be over and then I can enjoy the summer :)
My first french exam is on thursday. And I am absolutely dreading it.
Summer hurry up pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Also, I dunno if I've mentioned this before... but .. Twilight: I Love It.
For various reasons.
A relatively new-found love aswell.. I guess.
The books and the film.
I hated all the hype over it at first but I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about and now I love it. So I guess I was wrong about it.
I'm not one of those fans who are in love with Edward though..  his character doesn't really appeal to me. There are others who I find much more interesting. And Bella seems to be a bit of whiney little cow at first but her character improves.
Unfortunately (and in some ways fortunately...) it is distracting me from my revision.. and from the impending doom that is my french exam
Jackson Rathbone: Mmmmm yes please :)
Jasper? Oh Hale Yes.

I'm such a geek. ¬_¬

Goodnight xxxx
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